There’s something going on in Thunder Bay, my friends.

The Border Cats – Thunder Bay, Ontario’s team in the Northwoods League, which exploits the free labor of collegiate players but typically sells fairly cheap beer – entered play tonight with a 1-19 record. And they lost.

1-20. 1-20!

It was Day 1 of a six-game homestand for the Border Cats, and it was a close one. They lost 3-2 to the LaCrosse Loggers. But the Border Cats fell to 1-20. 1-20!

This is a team worth following. Maybe even worth traveling to see in person.


Preakness Day

Canterbury Park $50 Play, Saturday, May 21, 2016

  • Race 1: 50-cent trifecta 7-6-ALL ($2.50)
  • Race 2: 50-cent trifecta 1-6-ALL ($2.50)
  • Race 3: $1 exacta box 5 w/ 1-7 ($4)
  • Race 4: $2 win 3
  • Race 6-9: 50-cent Pick Four, 5-9 / 1-7-8-10 / 2-3-4-6-9 / 10 ($20)
  • Race 6: $1 exacta 5-9 /1-3-4-7 ($6)
  • Race 7: $1 exacta box 1-8-10 ($10)
  • Race 9: $2 win-place 10 ($4)
  • Total wagers: $52

The inevitable Dr. Nyquist


I haven’t spent much time with the form yet, but this Preakness field looks about as competitive as the NBA’s Eastern Conference. No way any of these horses – or the Toronto Raptors – win unless something freakish happens. Sure, Nyquist could get bumped around out of the gates, and Drake could trip LeBron from a courtside seat. But I’m not betting on either.

Nyquist has the name of a dentist, which could explain why he has yet to overwhelm me with his dominance the way American Pharaoh did last year. I looked it up, actually; Nyquist is a Swedish surname that translates to “New Twig.” The Swedes are an understated people …

If I owned a Triple Crown horse that was more fringe-contender than favorite, I’d sit out the Derby and meet the winner in Baltimore. Too much can go wrong in that 20-horse stampede, and that Churchill Downs scene is a little too gentrified for my tastes. So I guess I’ll start saving up for that thoroughbred, starting with a big opening night at the local track tonight:

Canterbury Park $50 Play, May 20, 2016

  • Races 1-4: 50-cent pick 4, 2-3-6-7 / 1-3-6-7 / 4-7 / 4  ($16)
  • Race 2: $1 exacta box 6 w/ 1-3-7  ($6)
  • Race 3: $1 daily double 4-7 / 4  ($2)
  • Race 4: $2 win-place 4; $1 exacta box 4 w/ 1-7 ($8)
  • Race 5: $2 win-place 2 ($4)
  • Race 6: 50-cent trifecta 1-7 / 1-7 / ALL ($7)
  • Race 7: $1 exacta 2-4 / 2-4-5-6 ($6)
  • Race 8: $2 win 1


It’s a different world

screen-shot-2015-02-11-at-7-48-34-amI like music. I like camping. But there’s no way in hell I’m camping at the Eaux Claires Music Festival next month. (And not just because the festival campgrounds are sold out.)

It’s an imperfect comparison, for sure, but I came within earshot of WE Fest one time (Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney!), and it pretty much turned me off to the festival-camping scene. I’m picturing cramped conditions, biffy lines, vomit everywhere, overly friendly Indie-Bro types and rain. Could it get any worse?

I was born too old for that shit. That’s why I’m staying in the dorms.

I booked my room in Governors Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus tonight. My fingers are crossed that I won’t have to share it with someone who clips his toenails in bed or sleeps upside down like a bat (the fine print didn’t seem to suggest I wouldn’t).

But the bathrooms, no doubt, will be shared. But for $70 per night with parking and a free shuttle to the festival grounds? I’ll dig my shower caddie and flip flops out of storage.

Hope I get a co-ed floor …